June 22, 2017

Worst Online Master Programs

Bad schools have one characteristic in common – you may get in easily but you’ll hardly get out. (read graduate)

With rising degree costs students often require economic assistance in order to continue their studies.

When a school doesn’t have a history of helping their students graduate – you want to steer into different direction – even if the costs of their programs are “competitive“.

According to statistics merely 50% of all enrolled students will graduate – and you don’t want to be on the bad part!

It’s also a fact that the harder the admission the higher the graduation rate. Quality teachers, extensive financial assistance, high learning expectations all lead into higher success rates.

On the other hand  an easy admission and low requirements inevitably leads into poor results. It have be said that you’re most likely to have “bad company” in schools that let anybody in – a long as they pay the tuition. You really don’t want to spend your time with poor colleges.

A mistake can cost you lots of money and time. It takes just few minutes to get the information you need to determine if the college is worth your attention.

Do your research!

You can verify the institution accreditation at:


The admissions, enrollment, and graduation rates can be found at:


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