June 22, 2017

What Degree Should I Get?

 Answer easy questions and get easy answers!

Deciding about “what degree do get” is indeed not an easy task. Some degrees are more “strict” and will allow you access to only a handful of jobs. Other are more flexible and open many opportunities.

The economic differences are to be mentioned as well. Normally having a degree in itself gives a salary boost, but income vary a lot also in what have you graduated, and at what level.

To give you an idea: “fresh” teacher will earn approximately 40,000$ a year, while an individual with an MBA will average 85,000$ a year.

Said that, it’s not advisable to select a degree in hope of better earnings ALONE. Sure that why we go to college – to bring home the bacon, but if that your sole motivation behind a certain degree, and later job then I must warn you: doing what you hate will guarantee a very fast burnout in the world of business. There are very few people in this world that can do thing they hate, and be happy with it only because of bigger paycheck.

In conclusion to what written above what degree you should get/do will certainly have an impact on your jobs opportunities and earning potential and its wise to make a deep research about that.

Having made the research we should think about us inside a particular working field. Will you be able to show your talents and fulfill your passions while working? (even if not fully)

If the answer is yes then you have a potential winner! If you stick a passion to work you’re more likely to receive earning advancement and promotion.

If you really can’t decide what field is your working destiny, try these exercises:

When you wake up, what you’re first thought? What fills your mind in the morning? Is that thought could be somehow related to degree to do?








This one is obvious but it needs to be mentioned! Your hobbies – what are they. Can any of your hobbies be extended with a degree? Do you  have some particular skills that you would like to master? Can they be mastered with a degree? (even partially)








Get an unbiased opinion of yourself. We all have something in particular, but often we are just to humble to see it. Maybe you possess a skill that could applied to a new career ?

Give it a try and you may discover yourself once again. You should find very interesting things about yourself and get ideas about possible career roads to take.  Beware though – you could find out that you have changed a lot from your teenager years!

I hope it easier for you now to answer the question “What degree should i take?”.





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