June 22, 2017

Religion-Theology Online Degree Programs

Religion place an important part in a life’s of millions of people around the world. Most organized religions are headed by leaders with the education in theology.In many these positions you will lead a congregation of worship services and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. You will also be called upon to provide spiritual guidance and comfort to your congregation.

Although you can enter the theological field without any formal education most positions requires a bachelors degree followed by 2 years or more of seminary. Other religions have their own sets of specific rules. One of the best ways to learn your options is to speak to your own religious leader regarding educational pass.

Most seminary programs consists of the study of religious material, church history, theology, ethics and practical theology. Students who successfully complete these programs have a better chanced of ordination in a chosen religion and denomination.


Why Study Theology

So why should take a theology degree?  Let me give you a couple of reasons why studying theology is essential. Not just important but essential for you.

First of all – the great commandment. Jesus said that we should love him with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind and all of our strength. If we gonna love Jesus with all of our mind then we have to know what he’s words says. And if order to know what his words says we need to read it, we need to study it and understand it.

So theology – the study of God is the study of what God has told us about himself and his word. And it helps us understand who the God is so it helps us to love him with all of our mind. There’s a second reasons though why we should study theology in great commission. The great commission tells us to go out to all of the earth and make decipols, baptizing him in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit and then teaching them all the things that he commanded.

So we haven’t made our job until we’ve made decipols, until we have talked them all things. Well how to we teach people if we dont know what God have said in his words? And so we study theology, we learn what God have told us so that we can teach people about him.

Practical example

Think about this.

What if you’re in your church ministering and someone have a miscarriage and they want to know what happened to that baby – that’s theology. Or somebody walks up to you because somebody have died and they want to know where they father or mother is or maybe they struggling with things they dont wanna do.

All of those things are practical theology. It’s where theology meets interaction with people. It’s our evangelism, our “decipolship”.

So unless you know theology you never going to be a good minister of gospel of Jesus Christ and now that internet opened doors with all the online theology degree programs for those who are busy or for some other reasons (distance etc.) cant take traditional lessons on campus – you can simple skip those problems and learn from your home.


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