June 22, 2017

Quick Degrees That Pay Well

Don’t have time or resources for a 4 year degree program? No problem – there are plenty of well paying career opportunities to take with 2 year¬†associate degree!

Registered Nurses
Proven to be stable during difficult recession times nursing degree programs often offer great growth opportunities and high paying jobs.

Expected Annual Salary $55,000

Engineering Technicians

Feeling strong in math and science? Then an engineering technician degree may be your choice.

Expected Annual Salary $41,000 – $52,000

Dental Hygienists

While this position may require just a 2 year degree, most of the times you’ll be asked for a certificate or license to exercise the profession.

It’s all worth it though with salaries ranging from $57,000 to over $60,000 per year and raising demand for the position.

Computer Support Specialists

With never fading technological interest computer specialist positions are expected to be in demand for many years to come.

Two year programs in this field come in all flavors covering topics such as security or computer support. Often they do not require a fixed schedule allowing for more personal freedom.

Expected Annual Salary $46,000 – $60,000


Obviously paralegals earn much less than lawyers but when you think about the small (in comparison) amount of education required to become one it looks quite inviting.

Expected Annual Salary – $46,000

Diagnostic Medical Imaging and X-Ray Technicians

This growing segment of medical field is perfect for anyone interested in the topic but without possibilities of becoming a doctor.

Expected Annual Salary $52,000

Web Designer

Huge opportunities are offered to most skilled individuals. Creative mind combined with great technical knowledge is required. If you’re already creating web pages or you’re familiar with html and php languages you may have an edge above your colleges.

Expected Annual Salary – $49,000

Physical Therapy Assistant

Another stable career option. Aging community requires increased physical assistance.

Expected Annual Salary – $46,000


Whether you choose a 4 year or 2 year program you are in any case in much better position than if you’d haven’t took any.¬† You may also find that some 2 year degrees offer great opportunities – sometimes paying even more than 4 year degrees.

Always do your research before taking any courses – often employers offers incentives and bonuses for taking this quick 2 year degrees to raise the level of their fleet.


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