June 22, 2017

Organizational Development and Management Online Degree Programs

Managers and leaders spend over 50% of their time on subject around human resource development. As the economy has worsen and as we’re asking people to do more with less this is a degree that help managers become more effective. Every day technology changes but what doesn’t change? The thing that doesn’t change is the human being who goes to work on a daily basis and does a job.

What are they looking to do with their career? What level do they want to achieve? What amount of money would they like to make? They wanna manage people? Do they want to be an individual contributor? What do they want to do at the point of retirement?

“Organizational Development requires a planned approach to change based on meeting the need of both the people and the organization” – Killion & Harsison

The sad day is when a person feel they haven’t achieved what they set out to achieve. That’s why it’s highly recommended to encourage people before they select their masters program to be very sure on their career path and where do they want this to take them.

When you can go thru that kind of thought process and then make a decision on graduate school chances are that there will be a correlation to your success and to you achieving what you set out to do.

The Federal Government and the Bureau of Labor and Statistic has said that this field is going to grow by 22% in a year 2018. Those positions could be in Training and Development, could be in Organizational Development or they could be in Career Planing.

Studying consists of reading papers, analyzing various companies from a human resource perspective and workshops.

You may come to know several experts in the field. You can expect to learn how to solve problems such as:

What are the rules of the game,

what are the key uncertainties,

how do I want to position myself within the organization,

what suddenly emerges that we weren’t expecting

Good people in the worst economies always get a job. So the reality is new economy is different than the old economy but there are many things that are absolutely the same. What a organizational development degree does for you it gives you a competitive advantage. There is a opportunity out there somewhere if you in fact choose to pursue and do something different than you’re currently doing.

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