June 22, 2017

Online Student Learning Tips

Adsense-tips-keys-1024x768Online learning is great with amazing time/money saving benefits but it can also have some hurdles to jump over. Most of them can be overcome quite easily, others may require a bit of time  from you to adapt. Hopefully you’ll have strong enough will to win in the end!

Here are some studying tips and things to remember. They may save you few embarrassing moments!

  • In case of hardware problems be sure to notify your instructor about it.
  • If you know you’ll miss the sessions (for whatever reason) be sure to let your instructor know that BEFORE not AFTER.
  • Feel free to contact your instructor with questions or concerns about the course.
  • Don’t ignore your learning obstacles. Noise, fatigue can effectively kill your results by making you learn inefficiently. Instead recognize them and come up with a solution.We are all different so the best bet for you is to test different “systems”. You may start by answering this questions:What are your most productive hours?Does music motivates you or distracts you? Maybe it’s wrong genre of music?Darker or brighter room?

    Did you exercise regularly?

    Do you over eat?

    Do you sleep well?

  • Hold yourself accountable to work on your coursework with regularity.
  • Place all objects you need close to you.
  • Create deadlines to meet your program achievements.
  • Read your emails once or twice per day.  Not more.
  • If you find reading online hard on your eyes – print the documents.
  • If it’s not creating chaos for you – use your computer to execute multiply tasks in the same time.
  • Create chat groups to talk about the topic – great for brainstorming!  Just don’t start talking about social things and get distracted!
  • Try portable studying. Some people find learning outside with laptop to be very productive – maybe you’re one of them?
  • Create a list of “today’s successes” and write down all the good things you’ve accomplished today.
  • Get audio versions of publications – you can listen to them while doing other things.
  • Try reading the text aloud. Studies have shown that some people remember TWICE the information when reading aloud. While doing so think about the things you’re reading about and do a little “conversation” with yourself. This will help to develop your critical thinking skills.

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