June 22, 2017

Online school for kids

Homeschooling and k12

Homeschooling represents a great occasion for keeping a close eye on your kids while they grow and learn.

You can adjust your children education in a way to suit their hobbies, interests and beliefs.

Home education also guarantees your little ones protection while they slowly discover world and people around them.

With the above mentioned benefits you can be rest assured that boredom will never be associated with child’s education and thus your kids will learn more with less effort.

Home education creates a friendly, personalized habitat that cannot be recreated in a public institute.


Some may say that bully colleges and harsh teachers “hardens” a child but If I could choose – I would rather study at home – learn more effortlessly and with MUCH less stress. In fact I can bet 1000$ that there would be plenty of kids that would LOVE to study at home.  I found this argument to be very weak. How many kids do we see “rebel” against their oppressors? Few. How many kids we see not reacting, suffering in silence for years? Many! Would that kids benefit from home schooling or not? The answer is obvious…


Yes – EXPLODING ! Because when you compare how little is done to get the best of any child in normal school you just can’t use any other word!

Let’s compare this two scenarios. In traditional school there is a group of kids and 1 or 2 teachers – even if they wanted to – they simply cannot give each of them enough attention – it’s impossible.

On the other hand at home you have all the time in the world to observe and LISTEN to your child’s needs. You know immediately if she or he have difficulties in any given subject or if she or he shows signs of enthusiasm – you’re there to catch those moments and grow them into something serious. They will thank you later.

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