June 22, 2017

Music Online Degree Programs

Music industry offers a lot of avenues to take. You can be freelance musician, have your own independent act, have a band that’s touring, play solo from time to time or do the teaching.

It’s very entrepreneurial and to make a living in this business you’ll have to wear quite a number of hats.

At any age you can go to a good music school and learn the necessary skills, this is one of those industries where you can come in at really any time in life.

Getting a music degree will help immensely. It will give you the chops that you need and the skills necessary to do everything yourself in your career whether that’s writing sheets for band members, teaching people, designing a portfolio of your group to be able to submit to management companies – the list goes on and on.


But it’s that experience aspect which is a huge element in the begging. Getting out there, playing with others, working with different musicians, finding some fantastic teachers and mentors you can work with.

Also learning all the tips of the industry that the pros you can meet up with can give you, and really listening what they have to say can give you that crucial information which can steer you into right direction. And if you know to NOT to go certain way because of advice of someone you trust you can save yourself a lot of time.

If you decide to have a band and pursue management with the band and maybe get a distribution deal the only way a management company is going to look at you with any seriousness is if you have solid project that’s very viral, and is something that management company can really believe in.

Rather look towards a management company that’s quite global because probably what you’ll be doing as time goes on is going on a tour outside of your own country.

If you want to stay more local with your music career obviously there are options. If you’re highly educated, and you’re very competent player you can be doing a multitude of things in local sense.You can be doing freelancing with other bands, maybe you could form a top 40 act, maybe you could have a variety of event bands if you have a big enough pool of musicians to dwarf from. You can also do teaching so the list goes on the on.

To make a living in this business you have to be fairly entrepreneur and wear number of different hats. Don’t sale yourself short. Always take a decent wage for whatever gig your doing. Naturally as the time goes on and when you’re in this business for 5-10-15 years you will become more and more in demand and your time obviously will be more and more valuable so you gotta be sure you’re putting your time to use everyday in a really effective way.

Another thing that highly important in a broad sense overall is to be highly realistic with everything that you’re doing. Making sure to keep an eye on things like your financials. Without that you may spend a lot more money on a project than originally planned.

Concluding you should get along really well with others, make sure you’re always really respectful and you respect the musician that you work with providing them with the easiest experience when coming into your group, working and coming into your project. This way everything will be done quickly, effortlessly and people will really enjoy working with you time and time again.

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