May 28, 2017

Is history degree worthless?


Is History Degree Worthless?The modern world requires an individual’s technical and analytical skills just to survive every day. Most businesses hire people who are experts in performing computations or manual labor. These facts limit the number of history graduates in colleges all over the world. Fortunately for history degree holders, their chosen path will not lead to a dead end. They can still find decent jobs that can give them decent pay. Though the jobs offered for history graduates are rare compared to business-related jobs, it is not too difficult to find one that suits the history graduate’s specialty. Some careers are:




  • Civil Service Administrator
  • Journalist
  • History teacher
  • Records manager
  • Writer
  • Museum Conservator
  • Intelligence agent
  • Legal assistant
  • Foreign service assistant
  • Information manager
  • A business executive



There are a vast number of careers that a history graduate can pursue. The communication and research skills a history graduate develops are practical for most jobs outside the ever difficult sciences. Police departments and the military are good working grounds for history degree holders.

A teaching job at first glance may be the most popular job available for history graduates. The reality is history teachers are rare. Usually a graduate must first earn a PhD to be hired as a history professor. Even so, there are already a lot of PhDs still looking for teaching jobs.

The best option may be to find work in government. Jobs in the intelligence fields are the ones usually offered to history degree holders. Some are even hired as historians or advisers. Research and writing skills may also prove useful for different departments. History majors also excel in human resources and public relations jobs. Both of these jobs are expanding, though positions in these fields are hard to land on.

History education may also be the best weapon of a graduate when considering the study of law. There will be researches where the history major will have to do intense historical writing requirements.

Most people whom a history major would encounter would usually ask if he wants to teach. A teaching job may not always be an option for history majors because this job may require a separate education degree if one wishes to be hired at the earliest.

A history degree holder should always remember that even if history is mainly based on humanities, he or she can still apply his or her knowledge of history in the real world. All the knowledge the graduate has learned from his or her history course will help formulate better ways for the future and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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