June 22, 2017

How to complete a degree fast

The fastest acquired degree – at least in theory – is a degree obtained via the internet.

Online degrees can be taken in many fields and subjects. Online degrees have gain a huge fan base because of their flexibility, accessibility and dynamic schedule structure. Moreover these types of online classes works a treat for adults that cannot dedicate time for traditional full time schooling.

I bet you are asking yourself now:”How fast can I earn a degree online?”

That depends on few factors:


Credits from previous coursework.

Simple – the more credits you will transfer – the faster you will earn your degree. In case you don’t have any credits you can still earn those by means of professional training or by (click to learn more) CLEP, DANTES, ECE, GRE, and TECEP. There is no fixed rule, and not all school will accept all of those exams. Number of credits given for each exam if accepted vary as well.
Your desired level of degree.

If you already have an associate’s degree and want to apply for bachelor’s degree  you can most probably go for “2+2” program that allows you to apply most of the coursework of the associate’s degree and complete the higher level in two years.

How much time can you sacrifice for your e-class?

Will you be able to attend at all courses without brakes? Plenty of institutes have classes in accelerated format. Those classes can run up to ten weeks long and if compared to traditional semester schedule you will get a degree fast.

There are also schools that allow “rolling admissions” – in that case you don’t even need to wait till September to start.

Considering everything said above there should be no problems to gain a degree in twelve-eighteen months. That doesn’t seems much if we take a look at Education Trust study from 2004 that revealed that only 37 % of students enrolled in 4 year college completed a degree in those 4 years. (or less). Most of them took 5 and some even 6 years. Some never finished.

Two years that could change your life forever? Sound like a deal to me!

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