June 22, 2017

How to choose a degree?

It happens that young people find themselves picking a degree without answering a crucial question: “What do i really need?” What school you will choose should be determined by few factors. The most important of them is what do you really want to learn?. You should take enough time to select a degree best suited for you. It’s not easy but it is worth it.

There are many types of college degrees and they all vary just as the people trying to obtain them. Moreover you can pursuit a different level: associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral.
You may be asking yourself now: “so how do I objectively choose the right degree for me ?”. Well I prepared 4 questions that once answered will certainly help you with your choice.

1. Which degree fits into my personality?

What is more pleasurable than studying things you like. Sounds good, but before going in ensure yourself that you REALLY like that thing. Look in the past and remember things that gave you a motivation, feelings.
Write down your weak points and strengths . Ask your close ones. Sometimes an objective opinion is golden . Try to create an honest image of yourself. Try to imagine yourself learning a specific area for a couple of years.

2. What job I want?

Knowing what job/career you want will help with the choice . Inform yourself what are the requirements for any specific job and choose your degree according to that. Some careers requires bachelors degree, some only doctoral.

3. What degrees will make me work ?

If you are not sure about your future, then you should get information of degrees that are highly demand-able. Check the jobs market and see what is the current demand. Degrees that will make you work soon after the education is finished.

4. Which degree is quickly obtainable?

It may seem like anyone asking this question is simply cutting the corners. The facts is though – some jobs requires a degree only for a sake of having one! It like an entry fee. Any degree is good – you just need to have it! In this case going for the shortest trip is a highly recommended option.

Keep in mind that if you want to apply for graduate school in law or surgery – for most of them it really doesn’t matter as long as you have a bachelors degree – your good to go.

Don’t take more time than needed. Some people takes literally years to come up with a decision on a degree. Just be honest with yourself and be realistic . Use above questions. Save yourself the agony and choose your degree!

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