June 22, 2017

Highest Paying Degrees

Highest paying degrees

Most recent list (2011) of the highest paying degrees is here. No big surprises, old results (2010) have repeated themselves almost exactly.

This year charts shows how the trends move away from what was the best degrees for a long time like: Accounting, and Finance.

The resource fields are in demand today.

As for the overall salaries level, I have good news because in general there is an increase across the board.

So, what are the highest paying degrees today? What degrees will permit you fast return on your investment? Take a look at the list below.




First value express average annual earning at the start of the career.
Second value express average annual earnings in mid point of the career.

Petroleum Engineering Degree $93,000$157,000.

Chemical Engineering Degree $64,800$108,000.

Nuclear Engineering Degree $63,900$104,000.

Computer Engineering Degree $61,200$99,500

Electrical Engineering Degree $60,800$104,000

Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Degree –$59,400$108,000

Materials Science and Engineering Degree $59,400$93,600

Mechanical Engineering Degree $58,300$97,400

Industrial Engineering Degree $58,200$97,600

Software Engineering Degree $56,700$91,300


After seeing this results it is clear that Engineering degrees, especially Commodities Related Engineering are occupying major part of the list. It was expected to happen. The big demand for highly qualified people in those fields is caused by the constantly growing research in energy production and materials and will most likely just keep on rising.

That makes up the 10 highest paying bachelors degrees for 2011. The best part is that all of this degrees can be obtained easily with an online programs all around the world.

To add even more “sugar into the coffee” I need to mention that with an accelerated program you could get a degree fast, as quick as in 2 or 3 years! It is an amazing opportunity!

It is really a great occasion for everyone to start earning a good buck! What? Are you still here ?

What are you waiting for! Go and find your online program today! The sooner you start the faster you will start making serious money!

Start your research today!



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