June 22, 2017

Game Design Online Degree Programs

Looking how far the industry has come, looking back 20 to 30 years to games like Pong, Space Invaders, PacMan – all graphically simple games but the one thing they had in common that they were very immersive, fun had great gameplay.  And the interesting thing is if you fast-forward to today you got the powerful graphic force, immersive great challenges of Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Left For Dead, or Burnout Paradise.

The industry has really come a long way forward. Not just in terms of graphics, but in the way it can immerse players into the game’s world and people could suspend the disbelief and really enjoy the game playing experience.

Interestingly when you look at the games industry it still have a slight perception of being an immature industry. Some people still associate with it an image of a geeky “bedroom” programmer programming away.

When you look at the realities of the industry in terms of revenues it’s already bigger Hollywood box office, bigger than film, bigger than music and it’s the fastest growing media segment. It’s one of the biggest industries in the world today with a lot of growth – it’s thriving.

Any skills you may learn will be in demand for many years to come.

Also considering how far the gaming industry has come already we may imagine how far it yet to travel. Neural gaming, commands execution by thought reading, virtual reality?  You may already heard about.

Working in this industry is a challenge.

Every 3 to 5 years a new pieces of technology is introduced and that’s presents a great challenge for everyone involved to come into speed and maximize what they can do with that technology.

Remembering back the introduction of the PS3 and Xbox360 the artist, the programmers, audio stuff, game designers all rising their game trying to learn new technology and what they can squeeze from it.

That’s a brilliant challenge and it’s really exciting for people coming. Update, learn and add to your skill base. If you wanna challenge in your career certainly the game industry which is constantly evolving, constantly seeking new ways to improve itself is a great place to be.

Fields which requires constant improvement like artificial intelligence, physics in driving games are great examples.

But this industry present more than in-game creation challenges. Bringing games into more wider audience is what producers are looking into lately. Just looking at what Nintendo did with WII console is amazing. Never before you could see your grandparent playing a video game. Now it’s a reality.

Online gaming which offers possibility to be anywhere in the world, playing your favorite game also provide game designers with challenges like lag free gameplay, latency control, balanced matches etc.

Let’s dont forget mobile gaming. Mobile devices are by far the largest installed game machines in the world. Creating games that are fun on the move is yet another hurdle game designers must cope with.

Suspending disbelief with the real emotions, love, story telling – all great challenges that the gaming industry provides. This are the creative challenges that the industry focuses on. Obviously we can mention other things like controlling emotion, and really getting players immersed into game play by using a controller.

What can be really exciting in gaming industry is that developers can now provide gamers with tools to create their own content, create their own games. User generated content in games like Spore means that we can now see gamers create their own characters, in game like LittleBigPlanet gamers can create their own levels so we’re seeing the creativity of people homecoming to the forum which is exciting development to the industry.

And again you dont see this in other industries where the tools are given out to the actual game’s players with developers saying “go and create, have fun and show us what you can do”

This are few good reasons why the industry is exciting, evolving and why people should consider game design programs and career path in game design.





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