May 28, 2017

Are online degrees as good as traditional degrees?

If you’re on this page looking for an answer to the above question you’ve probably been feed by misinformation or you want to get rid of that nagging voice in your head that whispers “Am I doing the right thing?”.

Many publications state that online college degrees aren’t as good as traditional degrees. This simply isn’t true. Sure lack of classmates and teachers creates a completely different learning environment but in many cases students can receive considerably more information and experience than their campus colleges.

This is possible due to one-on-one teacher-student communication and extreme ease in on-demand material research. With this streamlined, concentrated learning experience online students can really get the most out of the course. Sometimes – much more than it would be normally possible in normal class.

Educational Requirements ?

Traditional classes and online classes – both have to adhere to same academic rules. Strict standards regarding topics to be covered, studying timeline and tests. Accreditation services will regularly come and check if the program is following all required standards. What you’ll find in traditional class you’ll find in online class as well.

Lately there has been a big increase in the acceptance of online degrees. In 2012, 79% of employers rated the online degrees “as good as” on-campus degrees. Just 10 years ago this number was showing only 50%. Business owners realized the technological advancement in learning field and embrace it.

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