June 22, 2017

Applied Management Online Degree Programs

Applied Management Degree is designed for the person that has got an AA degree under the belt, or equivalent and have some real world working experience. Management is the core of this degree and it’s not Business Management, it’s Management and that is why from the advisory committee to the course content it’s about Government Management, it’s about non-profit Management, it’s about Business Management but Management is absolutely at the core.

You may have several courses that touch the world of entrepreneur because some people who are currently working their dream is to try something on their own.

In the real world people need to know that you’ve made the commitment to education and that you are serious about which you’re interested in. The opportunities for someone with a degree in management are just countless. This could also be a problem for some people not really knowing what they could do with such education.

The truth is there are some great job opportunities in management once one is trained and understands what it’s community all about.

A management degree will change your level of thought about how our community is operating in a really positive way.  The transition we’ve been in was difficult including several local counties. For example if you’re dad was in logging and heavy construction when you were a kid you could see your way to promotion if you were standing at the end of the green chain and wanted to be a head sawyer you could lock up stream and see it.

You can’t do that any longer. If you’re unskilled and have low level of education it’s tough to see how to be in charge. Either the machine is running you or you’re running it. And if you’re running it you’re making a lot more money and have a lot more opportunity to contribute to the community.

Mid-level managers who would like to take the next step up but need that edge, need that little bit of additional education will be certainly helped by this.

For business community this offers a vast opportunity of having good workers who we want to keep, who are valuable to our company and this allows them to be able to increase their education and not have to leave the area. They could work it around a already busy lifestyle.

Businesses that are coming in, developing businesses, the industrial parks, bigger well established business could be a very good opportunity. They’re always looking for good people and if you bring a degree they get a premium. You can be an accountant with a business degree or you can be a marketer with the business degree. If you’re in business management you’re going to be focusing on accounting and marketing to some extent but you’re going to be looking at strategic nature of how a business operates and the decisions they go into to be able to function in today’s environment knowing your competitors.

There is a tremendous value of going to school after you’re had some real world experiences tiding them into text book and sharing all that with other people who are really in the same circumstances as you and learning from the as well.

Bachelors of today is probably yesterday’s Associate in terms of how many people are looking for a position. It’s important to have online degree programs available so they can let people that are in current jobs right now that want to excel either in their existing company or move on to other businesses to be able to get that education while still working and have that  flexible schedule an online school can offer.


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