June 22, 2017

Accounting Online Degree Programs

By gaining an accounting degree you open up a world of opportunity in job market that enable you to do many different things. Let’s talk about some career example paths.

Why you should be an accounting major you may ask.

It’s because you have the opportunity to work in lots of different areas. You can go work in public accounting. Or you can go work in industry. You can become an accountant for many different companies in industry, or even the government!

The fun thing about accounting is that there are many different sub-disciplines. A lot of people when they think about accounting they are “oh I’m just going to work with numbers”. Well accounting is more than numbers. Yes you can specialize in financial accounting, manager yield accounting, but dont forget CPA’s and accountants also do taxes but that’s not all what they do.

Most people think that “oh you’re a CPA – you must do taxes and must be busy during April”. Well that’s not always true. There’s also some others that work on auditing side. Lots of different types of auditing.

For example working on information technology auditing you’ll have to look at clients information systems, and determine if financial information processed inside those systems can be relied upon.

When was the last time that a company actually used a paper lecture to do their financials? It doesn’t happen anymore. If it does – it’s rare. Most companies use large accounting systems in order to process their information. It’s a great sub-discipline.

Also forensics.

How many of you like fraud? No dont go commit fraud, that’s not what I’m saying. As an accountant, as an auditor, as an CPA – we have the opportunity to go and look at financial forensics, and do a lot of fraud examinations. You’ve heard of a lot of different frauds out there. You’ve head about ENRON, WordlCom – all those great frauds that happened. Well they weren’t so great were they?

However as an auditor we have to go in there and try to investigate those frauds, and really see how did they happen so we learn from our mistakes.

But dont forget, you dont need to go to work for public accounting. You dont need to work in the industry. The FBI hires accountants! Did you know that?

The government heavily recruits accounting majors.

Accounting is such a hot discipline that you get to go and really write your own ticket and work anywhere in the world that you want. Whether you wanna stay in US or go work around the globe.

Now if you’re able to understand the numbers it will make you more successful and open many doors in your lifetime. After you get your accounting degree – dont forget go and sign for Certified Public Accounting CPA exam. Now every state have different CPA exam rules, so make sure you look into your own accounting board to figure out what you need to do. But even if you dont think you wanna practice public accounting or go and be an accountant – go get your CPA. They will set you up for a lifetime of successes.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this article helpful and that you learned something about an accounting degree.

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